Make Your Story Into A Page Turner Through Writing Exercises with Laura Lentz

I grew up in a small town in Medford, New Jersey and left that town at a very young age through the world of books. I wanted to read stories about unusual people and their lives, and had no interest in fiction for years, because the stories of real life had so many more layers and surprises. Though I would travel through many genres of books for decades, I have always returned to personal story as something that feeds my soul and serves as a living inspiration.   I am a host in opening the door for writers to create their personal stories and revisit their lives through words. This journey is opening and healing, and in a shared writing environment, it can be electrifying.

I am a writer, an editorial intuitive, workshop leader and Word Coach, creating innovative environments and specially crafted writing prompts to bring out the extraordinary in writers.
For twenty years I worked closely as a student with Ellen Bass, Ann Randolph, Sharon Olds, Galway Kinnel. Poetry and prose are my true love, and I always have a poetry book in my purse, luggage and lining the walls of my home.

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